Reginald R. Cole

Please select the appointment type to make a booking.

  1. I Have a Question 15 min M-F ONLY

  2. Loan Application 45min M-F ONLY

  3. 1st Get Ready Call 15 min M-F ONLY

  4. 2nd Get Ready 1st Call 45 min M-F ONLY

  5. Updated Get Ready Call 15 Min M-F ONLY

  6. Realtor Call 30 min M-F ONLY

I Have A Question

This is where you’ll be able to speak with a Licensed Loan Officer or Realtor about any questions.

Duration: 15 minutes


Here we will review your loan application and your loan documents.

Duration: 45 minutes

The Get Ready Call

In our 1st Get Ready Call we’ll go over the Steps to Getting Ready to become a homeowner.

Duration: 45 minutes

2nd Get Ready for follow up

In the 2nd call, we will customize a plan for you to Get Ready to become a home owner.

This call is only available from 3 pm to 6 pm

Duration: 30 minutes

Updates On Get Ready

This is where we will as needed follow-up calls

Duration: 15 minutes

Helping Realtor's Unlock More Doors

One on One call to help put a plan together to close more deals.

Duration: 30 minutes

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