1. I Have a Question 15 min M-F ONLY

This is where you'll be able to speak with a Licensed Loan Officer or Realtor about any questions.

2. Loan Application 45 min M-F ONLY

Here we will review your loan application and your loan documents.

3. 1st Get Ready Call 45 min M-F ONLY

In our 1st Get Ready Call we'll go over the Steps to Getting Ready to become a homeowner.

4. 2nd Get Ready 1st Call 30 min M-F 3pm to 6pm ONLY

In the 2nd call, we will customize a plan for you to Get Ready to become a home owner. This call is only available from 3 pm to 6 pm

5. Updated Get Ready Call 15 Min M-F ONLY

This is where we will as needed follow-up calls

6. Helping Realtor's Unlock More Doors

One on One call to help put a plan together to close more deals.

7. AE's Speak on your Products and Services

Here is a time to speak on your products and services.

8. Let's Work Together

Looking to Join the U.S. Family Team. U.S. Family is Looking for new team members to help families with their home needs. Account Executives Loan Processors Mortgage Loan Originator Property Manager Real Estate Investor Liaison Real Estate Agent or *REALTOR*